ISPM 15 (International Phytosanitary Measure 15) is a phytosanitary standard that was established in March 2002 by the International Plant Protection Convention . This organization is part of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO). The standard describes the treatment of wood for use in international freight traffic. The purpose of the measure is killing all organisms and parasites in the wood. The standard mainly applies to transport materials such as transport boxes and pallets.

The globalization and increase of international freight traffic caused non-indigenous animal and plant material to be spread around the world. The ISPM 15-standard has been introduced to prevent the spread of non-indigenous diseases in plants and animals.

The ISPM 15 standard describes in detail the different wood-treating methods to prevent harmful organisms from infesting the wood. After being treated, the wood receives a certification and is stamped with the ISPM 15 logo and the country of origin. Certified wood that is re-used or repaired later on, must always be re-certified.