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Fibre or compressed wooden pallets

Fibre or compressed wooden pallets can be freely shipped outside of Europe. Our fibre pallets can be supplied in standard sizes and also meet the strictest of export rules. This will ensure that the export market is fully accessible to you. Discover the benefits of fibre pallets for your production and distribution applications.

Why choose fibre pallets?

Fibre or compressed wooden pallets are suitable to ship outside Europe and take up little space. In addition, these pallets can also be nested and, therefore, you can use all space optimally.

Fibre pallets and boards

We also offer different boards to support all your construction and decoration work: wood chipboards, OSBs and plywood boards. We offer support for floor covering, walls, roofs and all types of finishing options in construction.

OSBs are extremely functional and are suitable for all types of finishes in construction. Plywood or multiplex boards are robust wooden boards that can be supplied in different thicknesses and dimensions. These boards can also be supplied in different materials and colours and, therefore, the application options are infinite. Standard compressed wood chipboards are not suitable for humid rooms, but Palettencentrale also offers water-resistant wood chipboards.

Want to buy fibre pallets or boards?

Do you want to know more about our wide range of boards?  Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you search for the correct pallets and boards for your work.