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Forklift truck work performed on site

Do you not have an operator or forklift truck available? Palettencentrale can perform forklift truck work on site to support you when stacking and sorting your pallets.

Forklift truck work 

In addition to the option of renting a forklift truck, we can also make a forklift truck operator available to assist you on site. We will visit your company to ensure that product processing and export run smoothly. 

Placing pallets using a forklift truck

Do you have new or existing pallets available? We can then make a forklift truck or operator available to immediately place your order in your warehouse. We sort and place all your pallets at the right place so that you can get started immediately. We will gladly assist with regard to small and large pallets.  

Do you need forklift truck work to be performed on site?

Are you interested in having forklift truck work performed on site or do you need an operator? Do not hesitate and contact us for more information now. We will be more than happy to examine all options with you.