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Cleaning services for a clean work floor 

A structured approach is required to guarantee correct order and neatness on the work floor. We can guarantee making optimum use of the work floor by performing forklift truck work or making a forklift truck operator available for sorting and placing your pallets. In addition, Palettencentrale also offers cleaning services to ensure your work floor is kept clean. 

Maintaining order and neatness on the work floor 

Palettencentrale can offer cleaners to maintain order and neatness on your work floor. We can guarantee that our cleaning services will lead to order and neatness on the work floor and also in offices. We offer our cleaning services where they are needed. 

Cleaning services for your warehouse or office 

In addition to offering cleaning services for your work floor, we will also assist you with regard to damaged pallets. We repair and sort both new and second-hand large and small pallets. In addition, we can also perform forklift truck work on site or even offer an operator who will assist you in placing and stacking your pallets in your warehouse. 

Interested in our cleaning services?

Do you want to know more about the options to ensure your work floor stays clean? Or do you want to know how we can keep your work floor clean? Please contact us without obligation to discuss all options. We will gladly assist!