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Sorting pallets on site

Sorting pallets always takes up much time. Palettencentrale has more than 20 years experience in the Belgian pallet industry and we offer the option of having pallets sorted on site. We ensure that all your pallets are sorted at the right place but also in the right way and, therefore, you can work optimally and efficiently. 

The importance of sorting pallets 

Correctly sorting your pallets is important for an optimal distribution and production process. We can sort your pallets be they small or large. Damaged pallets are selected and taken out of the supply to guarantee fewer disruptions to your automation. We offer support for this optimisation in this way. 

Sorting all types of pallets 

Palettencentrale is your partner for all pallet types. You can come to us for new and second-hand pallets as well as for wooden and plastic pallets. If required, we can sort your pallets on site. 

Having your pallets sorted?

Are you interested in having your pallets sorted? Do not hesitate and contact us for more information now. We will be more than happy to examine all options with you.