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Supply chain management optimisation

Palettencentrale offers different products and services to assist you with regard to your production and distribution applications. We offer a wide range with regard to the purchase and selling of new and second-hand pallets as well as industrial packaging wood. 

Optimal production and distribution applications

Palettencentrale is the most flexible and reliable supplier of new and second-hand pallets with more than 25 years experience in the European packaging industry. Both for wooden pallets and plastic pallets we offer a wide range in both small and large sizes. 

We support customers to make the transition from new to existing pallets to optimise your production and distribution applications. Most pallets can be reused without issue and are suitable to deploy several times for your production and distribution application. You will, moreover, be looking after the environment. You can further optimise your supply chain management by guaranteeing a high service with regard to quality, flexibility and quantity. 

Optimisation through our own transport company

We can offer the best flexible service for all your orders because of the different sites and close collaboration with fellow traders and dealers as well as using our own transport company with trailers at customers. We can always switch quickly and still guarantee the quality that you require. 

Interested in second-hand pallets?

Interested in our products or services? Or would you like more information about all options? Do not hesitate and contact us now. We will gladly assist you.